Disaster recovery planning:
We all want to believe that it can't happen, or that it's cheaper just to rebuild the system if it gets destroyed in a fire, systems crash (hardware failure) or a weather-related disaster. What if a virus attacks your ENTIRE network? Is the data on your PCs and servers being backed up on a regular basis? Are you sure that the backup process you are using now will restore your data or are you just assuming it will? The very life of your business depends on reliable, continuous access to information, and that means being prepared for the worst.

Firewall and Network Security Design:
Network security is a complicated subject, only tackled by well-trained and experienced experts. You only have to pick up a paper or hear the daily business news to know that viruses and hackers are a real threat to business networks of all sizes. The question is no longer "Is there a threat to my business?" but instead, "What should I do about it?"

Network Design:
Networking is the key to obtaining maximum performance from your desktop and server computers. For example, if your workstations need to have access to email, files, printers or the Internet we can design a Local Area Network that provides access to these services and more from your workstations, providing a total communication solution for your office.

Wireless network design:
Wireless services offer businesses a fast, affordable way to select and integrate the latest wireless technology. Few small and medium size businesses have in-house IT staffs with the expertise or time to keep up to date on the fast-changing world of wireless products and services, and even fewer have the field experience to cut through the hype in order to identify and integrate optimal wireless connectivity solutions.
Services available cover a variety of wireless technologies including:

* Mobile Connectivity and Synchronization:
 We can help you integrate your mobile computers into your IT network by offering expertise in wireless and cellular connectivity
* Wireless In-building Networks:
If you are using a wireless networking to expand the reach of your office LAN, we can help you design a efficient wireless topology, recommend the appropriate hardware and software components, and integrate access points, wireless LAN client adapters, bridges, antennas and accessories. We can also help you create a wireless security strategy that fits within the security plan for your entire business network.

* Building-to-Building Wireless Bridging:
Offers point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridges that give you an inexpensive way to integrate multiple buildings into a seamless network while maintaining Network Security.